21° Plastic strip nails 31 x 90 ring EG 12µ

Art.No.: 7665
EAN: 8591530076655
Abbreviation: PLE 09031 70 30-60YP13 NL 3000
pack contains 3 mill
3.10 mm
90.00 mm
Fe - steel
Surface treatment:
yellow galvanized
CE marking:
Packing contain:
3 tisks
Packing weight:
16.16 kg
Service class:
2 (EN 1995-1-1)
21 °


Plastic strip is generally used for 20° - 22° framing nails. They are held together by a strip of plastic that breaks apart when fired by a gun. They are less expensive than other types of collated fasteners (plastic coil or paper strip) because they are easier to manufacture. They can become very brittle when cold, and the residual plastic must be disposed of. Pieces of plastic are sometimes left under the head causing the nail to be exposed.