Chipboard screw 4,0x40mm, Pozidrive PZ2, full thread, yellow galvanized

Art.No.: 10796
EAN: 8591530107960
Abbreviation: VUN 040040 ZHHPZZZ1 0500
pack contains 500 pc
4.00 mm
40.00 mm
Thread length:
Full thread
PZ 2, Pozidrive
Fe - steel
Surface treatment:
yellow galvanized
Countersunk head
Povrch pod hlavou:
CE marking:
Packing contain:
500 pc(s)
Packing weight:
1.05 kg
Service class:
1 (EN 1995-1-1)


Chipboard screws are the basic type of screws for normal fastening. The screws are made of steel, hardened and yellow or silver galvanized. They are supplied with a full or partial thread and the different shape of the head (countersunk, lens and half round) with pozidrive or torx groove.

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