galvanized annealed wire 1,4 mm - 2 kg ring

Art.No.: 9415
EAN: 8591530094154
Abbreviation: DRATVZ 1,4-2P
Price w/o,
1,55 € /kg
3,11 €
Price with VAT
1,88 € /kg
3,76 € /pack
In stock
pack contains 2 kg
1.40 mm
Surface treatment:
Packing contain:
2 kg
Packing weight:
2.00 kg
Service class:
1 (EN 1995-1-1)


Annealed wires are specially heat treated wires which are very easily flexible, unstretchable and are used most often as a binding instrument.
Wire is natural and in moisture oxidizes, rusts. Rolls are sold with a mild preservative oil or galvanized.
Steel wire soft, annealed, galvanized is thanks to galvanizing more resistant to weather effects and its service life is significantly extended.
Application: Wire is used for binding paper, metal, wood, for the manufacture of valves, tied to hops, wine, flower arrangement, plastic waste, etc…

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