Carriage bolts DIN 603 cl. 4.8 M8x40mm, galvanized

Art.No.: 11742
EAN: 8591530117426
Abbreviation: SVR 040080 PH4XXZB0 048 0200
Price w/o,
5,80 € /hnd.pc
11,60 €
Price with VAT
7,02 € /hnd.pc
14,04 € /pack
In stock
pack contains 200 pc
8.00 mm
Thread diameter:
40.00 mm
Thread length:
Partial thread
Třída pevnosti:
Fe - steel
Surface treatment:
Half round head
Povrch pod hlavou:
Packing contain:
200 pc(s)
Packing weight:
4.03 kg
Service class:
1 (EN 1995-1-1)


Bolts have a wide range of applications, especially to bond parts used to manufacture gates, fences, railings, benches, etc., therefore, especially where the bonded element is wood. Regular square under the head is used to prevent turning the screw when tightening. Any dismantling of the joints is always carried by the nut.
When looking at the final product, where the carriage bolts were used, we cannot omit a positive overall visual impression (massive smooth semicircular head). For this reason is this bolt increasingly more popular by the customers.

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