Plastic coil nails 25 x 35 ring SS AISI304

Art.No.: 10425
EAN: 8591530104259
Abbreviation: PSE 03525 70 200-30NR304
pack contains 8,4 mi
2.50 mm
35.00 mm
stainless steel AISI 304
CE marking:
Packing contain:
8,4 tisks
Packing weight:
12.38 kg
Service class:
3 (EN 1995-1-1)
15 °


This type of collating is generally used for 0° - 15° coil nails. Fasteners are inserted into a plastic band. The plastic band exits the coil nailer in one piece eliminating pieces of plastic stuck under the nail head when the nail is driven and making for easy cleanup. Plastic coil collation is a higher priced alternative to plastic strip and is most commonly used for siding and applications where less reloading is desired.