About Us

Hašpl a.s.


Hašpl a.s. is one of the leading European companies specialized in the nail production as well as the sale of other fasteners in the field of construction industry and wooden packaging. Over 25 years we are the reliable partner for the producers of wooden pallets, wholesales, retails, but also small-sized craftmen. We supply the fasteners of our standard production range, but we also make products that are tailormade to customer´s requirement.

Who we are

We are the traditional Czech family business, nowadays employing 230 people of various professions. We started in 1991 in Machov as a small family manufacture of nails with a capacity of approx. 150 tons a year. Despite our assortment has been expanded with other fasteners, the nails remain our main product range. The volume of nail production is constantly increasing, currently about 25 000 tons of nails produced and shipped annually. A part of the goods is destined to the domestic market, however, more than a half of this quantity leaves the Czech republic. Czech nails are known and used by customers across Europe, and overseas too.


Company philosophy

Over a long period we are a successful company, thanks to a honest work, verve and a fancy to create values. That's why we care about our reputation, we appreciate the honesty of our employees and the trust of our customers. The main idea and purpose of our work is to connect, bring together - literally, by what we produce and deliver, as well as how we treat our employees, our partners and our neighbourhood. This is why we have chosen as our motto the phrase ... we live for fastening.


Quality and certificates

In order to stay competitive with our products, we place from the very beginning emphasis on an uncompromising quality. The quality check chain starts with the input material, continues through the production process and ends with the output check while the goods are shipped. Because we want our products to maintain a long-term quality standard, our machinery is undergoing a constant modernization. On one hand, we maintain a traditional nail production at classic conventional machines, on the other hand, we have at disposal the top equipment for the production, cleaning, thread rolling, collating and packaging.

Various certificates are proof of the quality of Hašpl products.


History of the company Hašpl a.s.



We lay stress on the communication with the customers - we created an up-to-date web presentation, we prepared an innovated E-shop, and we added new communication channels (social media).


In the year when the company celebrated 25 years since its establishment, we launched a central warehouse and shipping point of the complete product range in Hynčice, where the factory shop was also moved from Velké Poříčí.


We are expanding our range! Now we offer a wide variety of fasteners starting from nails, over screws up to timber connectors. The company has grown to a qualified team of 180 employees with a production capacity of 22 000 tons of nails per year.


On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the founding of the company we introduced a new logo and a new visual style of Hašpl a.s.


The legal form changed from the original natural person Václav Hašpl to the joint stock company Hašpl a.s.


We started the second production unit in Hronov.


The company moved to its own premises in Velké Poříčí.


Moving the company into larger rented premises in Hronov.


Mr. Václav Hašpl establishes a family production of nails in Machov.