Coil roofing nails 3,05 x 25 smooth EG

Art.No.: 9842
EAN: 8591530098428
Abbreviation: PD 02531 90 120-36YP13
pack contains 7,2 mi
3.10 mm
25.00 mm
Fe - steel
Surface treatment:
yellow galvanized
Packing contain:
7,2 tisks
Packing weight:
12.96 kg
Service class:
2 (EN 1995-1-1)
16 °


Wire weld is generally used for 16° coil nails. Thin pieces of wire are used to run lengthwise to hold the fasteners in position. They are not as susceptible to water or cold weather as paper or plastic collated nails, however, the wire may fly off, and they are susceptible to having pieces of wire stuck under the head exposing the nails.