Wire rope clip for rope Ø 3 mm, white galvanized, DIN 741

Art.No.: 25196
EAN: 8591530251960
Abbreviation: LS M04/3 ZB
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5,03 € /100pcs
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6,09 € /100pcs
0,06 € /pack
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pack contains 1 pc(s
4.00 mm
Surface treatment:
white galvanized
Packing contain:
1 pc(s)
Packing weight:
0.01 kg
Service class:
1 (EN 1995-1-1)


Zinc-plated wire rope clips according to DIN 741 are used to form an eye on the wire rope.

When using this rope clamp, the rope's load capacity is reduced by 50%. The diameter of the rope for which it is intended is indicated on the rope clamp.

DIN 741 wire rope clips are not primarily designed or certified for the purpose of lifting heavy objects. These clips are designed for securing and tightening ropes, not for handling or lifting loads.

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